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High Volume SMTP Servers

You can buy the SMTP servers using Bitcoin.

SMTP Server Pricing
Plan Monthly Email Quota Concurrent Connections* Monthly Cost **
Plan C1,000,000 (1 million)1000.12   BTC
Plan DUnlimited / Dedicated Server2000.15   BTC
Plan EUnlimited. Emails are sent simultaneously from servers and IPs in multiple countries.no limit0.2   BTC

*   "Concurrent Connections" refers to the maximum number of emails you can send simultaneously. Support for more concurrent connections usually indicates a faster server (better performance).


Payment Options

SMTP Plan Period Monthly Cost Total You save
    --   BTC       --   BTC          

Payment in Bitcoin: -- BTC


We're proud to accept bitcoins. Please can this QR image to pay.

Or send directly to this bitcoin address:


After sending your bitcoin payment, please email us. We'll then send you SMTP username and password.


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