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Why our SMTP service?

Many companies offer SMTP service. For high volume mass mailing, cost-effective solutions are rare to find. That was why we came up with our SMTP solution: high volume, cost effective, and mass mailing friendly.

High Volume

By "high volume", we really mean it. Our SMTP plans start at 200,000 emails per month.

In the cloud

The SMTP servers run in the cloud, with data centers in the US (East & West coasts), Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.

Bypassing ISP blocking

Our SMTP servers use various custom ports to circumvent ISP blocking.

Secure (TLS and SSL)

With SSL and TLS encryption, the communications between your PC and our SMTP servers are encrypted. Your ISP or other people in your network will not be able to monitor/sniff your emails.

Frequent IP address changing

The SMTP servers automatically change their IP addresses up to four times a day to avoid IP addresses being blacklisted.

The server will use each IP address only once; old IP addresses will NOT be reused again.

Cost Effective

Our competitors' comparable plans are normally 10 times more expensive.

We Love Bitcoin

You can pay the SMTP service using Bitcoin.



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